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RIP Farewell

You are dead. I always thought one day we would sit and read this together – reconciled. But you are gone…and I haven’t even cried. Life isn’t a game. It’s choices which we must live with daily. This is my … Continue reading

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Fresh start

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…. You

you cant even talk to me – after getting me here by promising me all types of rubbish you fob me off like im some type of stalker – are you serious? Do you think this is a game? Playing … Continue reading

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Complete I am not

Fulfillment – completeness – being whole…whatever that feeling/emotion/mood is I really do not feel it right now. I feel empty, like a lost traveller wondering through a strange land with no idea how to get home. I know that another … Continue reading

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The slow ache sets in

I ache for you, even though I know I shouldn’t, even though you haven’t contacted me and yet I know you have my number and you could call me – if you wanted to. The familiar buildup has started rumbling … Continue reading

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The sms

I woke up this morning to an interesting greeting – a message from your girlfriend. You obviously were too enamoured/emotional/nonchalent to mention that you had girlfriend – whatever your reason, she was lovely enough to tell me you had been … Continue reading

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He is just not that into you…

Yes I read the book, watched the movie, did the test…and at the time I thought it was so obvious – how could anyone not see the very clear signs? But today I realised I had been sucked into it … Continue reading

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