…. You

you cant even talk to me – after getting me here by promising me all types of rubbish you fob me off like im some type of stalker – are you serious? Do you think this is a game? Playing with my life like its a deck of cards…what do you think I am? Im not a toy you can play with then discard when you are tired – Im not made of stone with no feelings.

So I see now so clearly that you never cared. You never looked for me, never tried to maintain contact like T did. He has followed my every step, helped me through thick and thin. He has shown his loyalty and given me his all. Yet I never appreciated him, never realised that in his own way he was trying so hard – because I was busy concentrating on you.

I hope I haunt you in your dreams, I hope your every waking moment is filled with thoughts of me – I hope you are so obsessed you fail to distingush the past fron the present, that you are engulfed in feelings of denial, confusion, yearning – karma is a nasty thing and I hope it visits you and never leaves. In fact I pray that you go through what I go through then you can taste the bitterness of my pain.

How dare you – I could hear the laughing in the background and then you handed me over – like an infectious disease requiring quarantine. So much for me being your soulmate, so much for you taking me and my baggage in a heartbeat – you are a stinking filthy liar, you are a simple minded spoilt brat who doesnt use his first brain…. You

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