The sms

I woke up this morning to an interesting greeting – a message from your girlfriend. You obviously were too enamoured/emotional/nonchalent to mention that you had girlfriend – whatever your reason, she was lovely enough to tell me you had been together for six months and then proceeded to ask whether I thought I was more important than she was – she demanded I be realistic.

Now I have never been one to condone women fighting over a man – especially one who obviously is a lying cheating scumbag. I personally believe if your man is cheating on you then you should take it out on him not the poor female he lied to – and she must know you didnt tell me about her because her message started with the fact that she is your current girlfriend and has been for six months. As a girlfriend, if you are insecure maybe you should be looking at why you are obviously trawling through his phone looking for incriminating evidence, not spending your time terrorising other women. So I havent responded and I will not respond because I am so above that – but her question did make me smirk and I thought about what I would respond to her…it went a little like this

Dear six month girlfriend,

Wow – six months, that is impressive – I have a toothbrush older than that! Am I more important than you – well, you tell me. I have known him for more than half his life, longer than you have probably been able to dress yourself. I was his first crush, his first girlfriend, his first prom date, his first fiancee. I was the person he dreamed all his dreams with – you see the man he is now? I did that! What you find so attractive about him is because of my decades of hard work and understanding, my wiping his tears when he cried, my cheering him on to the finish line.

So you have been with him for six months – He and I have shared the same breath for 17 long years. Get a grip! If you have realised that he is in love with me, you are not the first and you wont be the last. If you are worried I am a threat to your relationship – you know what? maybe you should be worried.I cannot stop him feeling what he feels, I cannot force him to feel for you what he feels for me. So am I more important than you? You ask him, then you tell me.

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