Once bitten

I feel tremendously stupid. I have loved you for more than half my life with a love that consumed every fibre of my being. I never for a second doubted that we were eventually going to be together – that you were my soulmate. I was always so sure until now.

This person before me is a stranger. This emotionless human being who can declare their love so passionately on Thursday then spend the weekend in anothers arms. Your silence was deafening – and all the while, as I sent you message after message, you chose to ignore me as you lapped up the kisses of someone else. Did the two of you laugh as my messages got more desperate,psychotic – or were you so wrapped up in the sweetness of the embrace that you didnt even notice or couldnt bother to care.

Did you finally feel sorry for me as you lay together on Monday afternoon, two lovers skipping work because you could bear to tear yourselves apart. This is not a good time you responded- you thought the reply was innocent enough but I had seen it before and I knew what it meant. Those were the same words you used the first time you left my arms for another – this is not a good time because someone has taken your place, someone else is in my arms enjoying my embrace.

So you have done it again, you would think I would have learnt from the first, second,third time. The pain is more intense, the tears are they never cease – why is it so easy for you to just walk in and break my heart?

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One Response to Once bitten

  1. You literally just described my life. Well said.

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