Staring temptation in the face

I called you…after five years, countless dreams and endless tears. I called you and my heart was pounding, it took me right back to the very first time we ever talked 16 years ago. Instantly I recognized your voice and it hurt that you didn’t recognize mine and my heart broke as I realized that all these years I have been fantasising about you and you hadn’t even thought of me. “Don’t you remember the reason you loved me…”

I called you and our conversation continued on effortlessly as if it had never stopped – we were laughing, teasing and the past five years were as if they had never been.I called you and it was so easy, it was like breathing.

I called you and even as I consciously told myself we are different I felt myself sucked back into the past, into what you used to be to me, into the heaven that we used to share.

I called you and as you said hello – I stared temptation in the face. I could have cut and walked away, I could have left that door firmly closed. I called you and as I stared temptation in the face, I took one deep breath and fell in.

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