Saying goodbye to the One

Someone close to me just passed away and it hurts…but what hurts most of all is the fact that they were young with an amazing relationship. Their partner is devastated and though I know what it feels like to lose love… I don’t know what it’s like to never be able to see the person again. We always think we have tomorrow to let our feelings known, to right wrongs and heal wounds…but for some of us tomorrow never comes. He died in his sleep and as I sit and remember him, I remember their love and I remember the pain of losing someone you love and letting go.

So here is to that one true love who is no more, hoping they know they are loved. Love never fades.

First Meeting

When I first met you,
I knew that I had come at last home.
Home after wandering,
Home after long-puzzled searching,
Home after long being wind-born,
Wave-tossed, night-caught, long being lost.
And being with you was normal and needful
And natural as sleeping or waking.
And I was myself,
Who had never been wholly myself.
I was walking and talking
And laughing easily at last.
And the air was softer,
And sounds were sharper,
And colours were brighter,
And the sky was higher,
And length was not measured by milestones,
And time was not measured by clocks.
And this end was a beginning,
And these words are the beginning –
Of my thanks.

A.S.J. Tessimond

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