Making Choices – Hiroshima in the Morning

So I saw an excerpt and reviews of Hiroshima in the Morning by Rahna Reiko Rizzuto. She basically tells the story of how she left her 3 and 5 year old sons and divorced her husband because she never wanted children… I then watched her interview on The View, just so I could get some perspective on her thoughts.

I am going to try and be objective about this – I am not here to praise or condemn. Her path in life is hers alone to tread. Hearing her speak, all I could think was “Wow-this woman is brave.” In this era of stay at home moms, tiger mommys and all the rest – here is a woman saying I didnt want children, I want to be me and be true to myself and that doesnt involve being a mother. As can be expected – there has been a lot of criticism of her choice including death threats. This is obviously a very sore subject for people. After all, even if you dont want children or hate being pregnant, you are meant to fall madly in love with the little bub as soon as you clap eyes on him/her. Walking away from parenthood is not stuff they write about on parenting forums, this stuff is not meant to happen…but it does.

It left me looking at my choices in life – how many were my own true desires and how many were actually just manifestations of the world around me? As one friend always puts it – do you buy roses because you like them or because the world tells you they are romantic?  It leaves you wondering how many more people are out there trying to tow the line – trying to be what society expects and yet inwardly aching. How many people never step out of the false lives they are living because they fear the world around them will reject them for being true to what they believe?

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One Response to Making Choices – Hiroshima in the Morning

  1. kp says:

    Hi…. Interesting post. This story caught my eye as well, and I too felt torn between admiration for her integrity and judgement about her abandonment of her children. Clearly, her decision challenges my beliefs as well. Kp

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