Making time to say thank you to old friends

This week has been particularly trying – the usual complaints in life…too much work, too little time. I spent this morning reading up on random blogs and news articles and was actually going to write up on something totally different but then I was deeply moved this evening by a simple farewell and I am instead compelled to say “thank you” to a dear friend.

When I first moved here, I met this lady I now call my friend – she showed me the ropes and took me under her wing. She didnt need to, she just did because she could. Five years later and she is leaving to start a new life with her family on another continent. I just had dinner with her and recognised on her face the same look of fear that must have been on my face when I first moved. Their move is a wonderful opportunity but with all things in life, you start to question. You wonder whether you need to give up what you are so used to for a dream which could easily turn into a nightmare. You question whether the financial gain and career advancement is worth being away from family and friends. You wonder if you will cope, whether you will make new friends – you think maybe you are too old/young to make the move.

As we stood in the restaurant lobby hugging each other and saying goodbye, I wanted to say something, anything but as always in such situations I couldnt find the words. Now in hindsight, I know exactly what I wanted to say…I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking me in, thank you for the many lunches where we sat discussing everything and nothing just so we could spend time together, thank you for caring when noone else did. As you embark on this journey, I wish you all the best – I wish you meet someone who will be to you what you have been to me for the past five years.

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