Just another dream???

Do you believe that dreams are predictive? Or do you fall into the category that dreams are just our subconscious sorting out our inner thoughts. I had a dream the other night – it was so real I woke up and the terror of it all was still clasping at my mind. What was it all about? I dreamt me and an ex were in a car talking merrily when suddenly we ended up with the car in river having totally missed the bridge. I managed to get us out but the ex was totally battered, bleeding and unconscious.

Now I dont know – I havent spoken or thought of that person in over a year and this relationship was well over 8 years ago with several successful ones ever since. I am not sure why it bugs me, but a part of me wanted to pick up the phone and make sure they were alright. Another part of me wanted to just ignore it – but I cant…because I am not one to remember my dreams and I am not one to have such vivid nightmares…

So maybe I will pick up the phone….or maybe I will just write it off as just another dream.

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